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OnePulse is the easiest-to-use solution for instant feedback from the people that matter most—your audience.

Gather real-time, real-audience feedback you can act on with OnePulse.

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Question everything

Every workday is filled with endless decisions. Become a smarter, more informed business by taking a pulse of what consumers think anytime you need answers.

Real opinions from real people

Get direct access to an always-on community of highly-motivated individuals. We put the conversation in the palm of their hands, so they can answer on-the-go or on their couch.

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Turn curiosity into confidence

Our intuitive platform was designed to help anyone across your business become an expert.

Write your questions

Write your questions and choose from 8 different answer types.

Select your audience

Targeted community members from 40+ regions and over 60+ data points.

Get your results

Results appear instantly. Re-access respondents with a 95% retargeting rate.

run an A/B test on creative.
validate a video ad.
optimize my messaging.
test a storyboard.
get package design feedback.

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Brand Tracking

Measure brand awareness and perceptions against your main competitors.

Product Development

Check in with consumers during each stage of the product development cycle.

New Business

Impress potential clients with live insights during your next pitch.

Creative Testing

See which creative concepts will resonate best before you move into production.

Campaign Optimization

Get instant access to purchase behaviors, attitudes and habits.

Concept Testing

A/B test ideas to evaluate and validate new ideas before you go to market.